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When you see what referees do in teh face of adversity, that difficult game just before you've done enough games to know how to deal with it. 
This is my daughter and lots of other match officials like her. How do you deal with it?
If you have a support network around you like a mentor you have every chance to keep refereering. 
Its a tough hobby to have, but what if you want to progress and do better. You have the difficult games and you learn and improve, you attend meetings at your local RA and if you don't then you should.
You become friends with your competition and help them and they help you but all the time you've got to be better than them. 

I'm a lucky Dad whose got to see his daughter go through so much in refereeing ups and downs. to achieve so much. 

Read my article PROUD DAD and 5 Days that changed a referee.  



There are huge calls for consistency from match officials, but each incident is subjective and depends on the angle the referee observes a particular incident, if the angle is different the outcome could be different.
​Dissent, so what exactly is dissent? Officials have different tolerence levels, but surely dissent is dissent, no angles needed, it all sounds the same. Do referees use selective deafness?  





Is there enough training for match officials from when they qualify or is it all dependent on the officials themselves, are they refereeing their sons/daughter team only? How do they know they are doing it right? 
Training comes from a couple of different sources, your local referee association always put on training nights covering a vast array of topics.
Your local County FA will always have training events, or development groups.

With refereeing you get ot what you put in, if you invest time with senior colleagues, training events and working on your game, you will do well.  

Glad you could pop by, enjoy the articles.

Refereeing is really easy, no issues, no one ever complains or is it a case of so many people saying "they couldn't do it" "why do you do it" , its a tough task and I want to fill a site from the opinion of the referee. I like to think 99% of decisions I could say why the referee made that decision, angle, blocked view, not close enough or too close. 
Views are my own and do not represent any organisation I'm connected with. 

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